CH20M - the modular housing

CH20M - the modular housing

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Unique electronic requires unique housings - let your electronic become a real eye-catcher in the cabinet. All this combined with innovative functionality and unique adaptability to your requirements.

Whether PUSH-IN wire connection, THR soldering process or distinctive slots for female connectors. The modular electronics housing CH20M combines everything in one. Configure the housing according to your needs. The wide-ranging family of housings offers a uniquely large PCB area on the market for the narrowest of spaces, as well as the option of simply accommodating several PCBs in one electronics housing for high-performance electronics.

Product highlights

Product range

OMNIMATE® Modular housings

  • Excellent scalability due to six different widths
  • Maximized efficiency through optimized use of PCB space
  • Comprehensive individual processing options
  • Complete process reliability for THT and THR soldering processes
  • Available widths from 6 to 67 mm


  • Width of 6.3 mm
  • 1 PCB integrable
  • Up to 3.5 mm component height
  • Up to 8 number of poles


  • Width of 12.5 mm
  • 1 PCB integrable
  • Up to 6.1 mm component height
  • Up to 12 number of poles


  • Width of 17.5 mm
  • 1 PCB integrable
  • Up to 11.1 mm component height
  • Up to 18 number of poles


  • Width of 22.5 mm
  • 1 PCB integrable
  • Up to 16.1 mm component height
  • Up to 24 number of poles


  • Width of 45 mm
  • 2 PCBs integrable
  • Up to 38.6 mm component height
  • Up to 48 number of poles


  • Width of 67.5 mm
  • 3 PCBs integrable
  • Up to 61.1 mm component height
  • Up to 72 number of poles


CH20M Product configurator

CH20M Product configurator

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The innovative CH20M housing system provides the best platform to fit your custom requirements - for whatever electronics application you are planning. Configure custom-fit housings according to your requirements from our line of connectivity, housing, and accessory components.

Free 72-hour sample service

With our free 72-hour OMNIMATE® sample service, you have the opportunity to order your design-in samples quickly and easily from our product catalog. Within just 72 hours, we'll deliver your sample PCB connectors and PCB terminals to your preferred location.

Time-saving data provision

Our product catalog includes 3D CAD models in a variety of formats and CAE data that are always available for download. These provide you with comprehensive information about our switch mode power supplies and other products.



  • Mountable on female plugs
  • Mountable on flip covers
  • Printing of individual connection designation

Connection systems

  • Clamping yoke screw connection
  • PUSH IN spring
  • THT and THR soldering process


  • Enables asymmetrical choose of connection levels
  • Available in different covers
  • Increases the convection

FE Contact

  • Reliable connection
  • Functional earth contact
  • THT and THR soldering process

Mounting rail bus system

  • Up to 5 A per conductor track
  • Simple communication of the devices
  • Usable for the distribution of power supply
  • Universal integration in the mounting rail

Istec International - Overspeed protection SpeedSys

Istec SpeedSys 200 - Housing configuration with the Weidmuller configurator.

Our components are highly popular in industrial applications and are optimized for application-oriented design and efficient production. We simplify our customers’ processes through our outstanding range of services and the digital data we provide.


We'll provide you with full product information and expert knowledge. In the portfolio overview for our individual products, you'll find the answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, download our product catalog to identify the specific electronics housings you need.

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