Space saving and cost-effective

For miniature applications, as well as miniature electronics, we offer our small housings in enclosed construction design. These are mainly used in applications such as relay couplers and opto modules and stand out on account of their compactness in the terminal format. Due to their cost-effective design, the simple soldering of electronic components such as capacitors can also be implemented.

Your benefits at a glance

High component density

High component density

Small design for optimized space in the cabinet

Secure and fast connection technology

Secure and fast connection technology

Choose your connections: screw-connection or tension-clamp versions

Long-term experience

Long-term experience

Proven experience and tried and tested technology for quick and individual solutions

Product range

Small housings

  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for simple small solutions
  • Cross-connectable
  • Enclosed construction design

MICROBOX - small enclosure with 6 mm width

Simplifies miniaturization because the narrow design allows a high component density.

MICROBOX supports developers in meeting demanding market requirements for shrinking dimensions by optimising space.

  • Maximum performance on minimum width
  • Optional clamping yoke or screw contact
  • Vibration-proof contacts
  • Vibration-free mounting rail mounting
  • Enclosure wall firmly clipped in
  • Printable

TERMINALBOX - small housing with optional extension frames

The TERMINALBOX is a miniaturized housing in terminal block design

It fits into any terminal strip and is never out of place.

  • Small overall width of only 6 mm
  • Potentiometer and status display can be integrated
  • Cross-connectable connections
  • Cover available
  • Printable

Further product families and accessories

End plates and extension frames

Easy to assemble, detachable and available in various colors

Hinged covers and cross connectors

Ideal for quick maintenance tasks; cross-connectors available in various colours


We’ll provide you with full product information and expert knowledge. In the portfolio overview for our individual products, you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, download our product catalog to identify the electronic housings you need.

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