Individual tailor-made relays

To adapt signals and transmit them from other systems at the panel level, relays and solid-state relays are required that are precisely tailored to the application. We offer you a range of high-quality and particularly space-saving relay products for these special applications.

In our portfolio you will find, for example, special variants for transmitting 5 V TTL signals to the inputs and outputs of PLC systems or industrial computers. What‘s more, we offer variants which, in contrast to conventional 1 NO contact solid-state relays, have a 1 CO contact output. These products are particularly suitable for inverting signals.

Our product range


Space-saving and high-quality solid-state relays in modular terminal block design for signal adaption.

  • For 5 V TTL inputs and outputs
  • 1 changeover Version
  • Only 6.1 mm width
  • Integrated protective circuit for inputs and outputs
  • Suitable accessories from the cross-connection to the marker


Article number 
MOS 24VDC/5-48VDC 0.5A8937980000Go to product catalog
MOS 5VTTL/24VDC 0.1A8937920000Go to product catalog
MOS 12-28VDC/5VTTL8937930000Go to product catalog


The 5 V DC and 12 V DC input versions of our TERMSERIES allows you unlimited cross-connection possibilities.

  • Available from 6 mm width
  • 1 and 2 CO contacts
  • High-quality design without sharp edges
  • Partition plates for optical separation and reinforcement of insulation
  • Large illuminated ejection lever as status LED with integrated marker holder

DescriptionArticle number 
TOP 5VDC 48VDC0.1A2614860000Go to product catalog
TOS 5VDC 48VDC 0.1A1126920000Go to product catalog
TOZ 5VDC 48VDC 0.1A1127030000Go to product catalog
TOP 12VDC 48VDC0.1A2618600000Go to product catalog
TOS 12VDC 48VDC 0.1A1126930000Go to product catalog
TOZ 12VDC 48VDC 0.1A1127040000Go to product catalog
TOP 5VDC 24VDC2A2618810000Go to product catalog
TOS 5VDC 24VDC2A1127140000Go to product catalog
TOZ 5VDC 24VDC2A1127270000Go to product catalog

DescriptionArticle number 
TOP 12VDC 24VDC2A2618820000Go to product catalog
TOS 12VDC 24VDC 2A1127150000Go to product catalog
TOZ 12VDC 24VDC 2A1127280000Go to product catalog
TOP 5VDC 230VAC1A2614850000Go to product catalog
TOS 5VDC 230VAC 1A1127390000Go to product catalog
TOZ 5VDC 230VAC 1A1127510000Go to product catalog
TOP 12VDC 230VAC1A2618380000Go to product catalog
TOS 12VDC 230VAC 1A1127400000Go to product catalog
TOZ 12VDC 230VAC 1A1127520000Go to product catalog

TERMSERIES interface adapter

Our TERMSERIES interface adapters speed up the wiring between the controller and the Interface level. In combination with our pre-assembled cables, the convenient plug-and-play solution reduces the wiring effort.

TERMSERIES interface adapter
Your advantages
  • Reduced wiring time due to plug-and-play concept with pre-assembled cables
  • Can be applied to the input and output sides of the TERMSERIES relays and solid-state relays
  • Ready for use with plus and minus switching logic
  • High space saving due to universal fit to other TERMSERIES products


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