Detectable marking systems

Safe marking of machines and plants in the food and beverage industry

Detectable marking systems

Food safety at the highest level

Food safety at the highest level

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The food and beverage industry places the highest demands on quality, hygiene, and safety. With our detectable marking solutions, we support our customers in ensuring the high standards required within the HACCP concept.

Food recalls at record level

According to the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BLV), the number of government warnings of contaminated food in Germany has again reached a record level in 2022. The published warnings have been increasing for years and often cause image damage for manufacturers with huge consequences.

Detectable plastic material

Plastic parts pose a risk of product contamination. Our innovative markers are made of a special plastic with metallic filler: This means that even fragments can be reliably detected by commercially available metal and X-ray detectors within the framework of standardized processes. We offer you a comprehensive product range for the marking of machines and equipment in the food industry.

Product Range

SlimFix SF-DT

The detectable SlimFix markers of type SF-DT are especially suitable to mark smaller cables and sensor wires. The markers with a space-saving design can be fitted even after the wire has already been installed.

  • Available as MultiCard format
  • Printable with PrintJet CONNECT printer or MCP plotters
  • Markers for wires with cross-section from 1.5 mm² to 16 mm²

SlimFix X SFX-DT

SlimFix X are detectable cable markers with a space saving design. Due to the fact that the SFX-DT markers need to be fixed with cable ties they are particularly securely fixed. This markers are available as MultiCard or MultiMark format.

  • Available as MultiCard or MultiMark format
  • Printable with PrintJet CONNECT printer, MCP plotters or THM thermal transfer printers
  • Markers for cables with cross-section >16 mm²

ClipCard CC-DT

ClipCard device markers of the type CC-DT in MultiCard format are the perfect solution to mark cabinets and switches in food applications.

  • Available as MultiCard format
  • Printable with PrintJet CONNECT printer or MCP plotters
  • Self-adhesive or screw fixing in combination with a holder

Cable ties CB-DT

CB-DT are the detectable cable ties solution for the fastening of cables and markers in food and beverage environments. They are particularly suitable for fastening SFX-DT cable markers and offer therefore the perfect complement to make the marking system complete.

  • Available from 100 mm – 380 mm length
  • Particularly suitable for fastening SFX-DT cable markers

Video on detectable marking systems

Tech Talk

Tech Talk

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Workplace Solutions: Detectable marking systems

In our TECH TALK video series we focus on our customers challenges by analyzing the root-causes and briefly present you the Weidmüller solution.

Benefits at a glance

Avoidance of image damage

Avoidance of image damage

Detectable by color, metal and X-ray detectors before the food is delivered to the market

Huge product range

Huge product range

Extensive selection of cable, wire and device markers in conjunction with proven printing systems

Tested quality

Tested quality

Strict quality control of the marking products in the accredited Weidmuller laboratory

Detectable marking systems

Weidmuller offer you detectable marking solutions for the MutiCard and the MultiMark family

Detectable cable markers, device markers, holders and cable ties complete the program for a save and reliable system.

Thanks to a metallic filling material, our detectable markers are identifiable by metal and X-ray detectors. Identification minimizes the risk of contamination during the food production process.
Markers maximize safety thanks to properties such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance against UV radiation and heat. We regularly check and confirm these properties in our accredited laboratory.

  • Detectable by metal and X-ray detectors
  • Visually recognizable by blue color
  • Corrosion resistant metallic filler
  • Clear and resistant print image
  • Available in different versions for a wide variety of marking requirements
Weidmuller detectable marking systems help you to secure your quality of food production on a consistently high level

Jan Marrenbach, Product Manager Marking Systems

Technical Guide - Whitepaper Detectable Marking

Markers are absolutely essential on machines and systems. Within this context, the safety- and function-compliant identification of electrical components and equipment in mechanical food processing takes on a prominent significance and should therefore focus on general food safety standards. This white paper provides an introduction to the relevant design principles for the avoidance of foreign body contamination and offers a specific guideline to assist in the selection of an application-appropriate marking system.

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