The perfect labeling system

Proper cable labeling is a key factor in ensuring the safety of electrical systems and control cabinets. Without unique cable labeling, errors can quickly lead to dangerous situations. Because of this, the standards IEC 61439-1 (design verification for switchgear and responsibilities) and DIN EN 81346-1 (structuring principles and reference identification) apply within industry, and are designed to ensure the safety of machinery. A switch cabinet can only pass the acceptance test if the various circuits can be uniquely identified. Our MultiCard, MetalliCard, MultiMark, and CableLine markers make it easy to clearly mark conductors and cables. Thanks to this diverse range of options, we offer you the perfect solution for many different requirements. Take advantage of the wide range of conductor and cable markers, and benefit from a number of other advantages.

Advantages of cable markers from Weidmüller at a glance



Our products are highly compact and well-designed to facilitate quick and efficient cable marking.



With conductor markers, identification can be printed and applied to cables and conductors in a flash.

Best results

Best results

Cable markers from Weidmüller ensure good legibility and quick identification of cables with high contrast and an outstanding appearance.

Universal range of wire and cable markers

At Weidmüller, you will find a large selection of conductor and cable markers for marking cables, conductors and wires. In the following section, we describe the different models to you briefly and address their features, applications, and material properties. We will provide you with the right solution for your specific requirements.

MultiCard and MetalliCard

SF and SFR

SlimFix are halogen-free conductor and cable markers with a space-saving design. The markers can be fitted even after the conductor has been installed. SlimFix is a marker type recognized and approved in traffic engineering which is highly resistant to chemicals, humidity and UV radiation. This ensures a high level of reliability and a long service life. The SF tool allows for easy installation even for small wire markers.


The SlimFix Clip combines two advantages: its unique closure mechanism offers the reliability of a closed cable marker with the ease of installation of an open marker. The clip mechanism allows for quick and convenient installation of the marker even after the conductor has been installed. The different variants make conductor labeling possible for conductors or wires with diameters of 1.5 – 7.0 mm. The new SFC-DS marker in MultiCard format is a marker with two labeling fields.


SlimFix X are halogen-free conductors and cable markers with a space-saving design that are particularly durable thanks to their resistance to chemicals and environmental influences. The markers can be fitted even after the cable has been installed. SlimFix is a marker type recognized and approved in traffic engineering for cable labeling which is used in applications in the automotive industry and process industry, for instance.

TM-I for sleeves

TM-I is a recognized and accredited conductor and cable marker for traffic engineering applications. Five different tag lengths are available for custom cable marking with long character sequences, making the conductor and cable markers the best solution for companies with extensive cable systems. Simple separation and installation makes work easier in the long-term, thanks to the project field. Easy fitting before or after sleeve assembly also makes the cable labeling highly versatile.


ELS tags are special and non-adhesive insertable labels for WKM cable markers or for group tag holders in the MultiCard format. Used in combination with water-repellent WKM sleeves, the solution guarantees particularly long-lasting cable labeling even in harsh environments.

SFX-M MetalliCard

MetalliCards are available in aluminum or stainless steel to meet a wide range of labeling requirements. The chrome-coated aluminum tags are the inexpensive alternative to conductor markers for a variety of applications, and stand out in particular through the deep contrasts of their multi-color print. Thanks to specialized punching, steel cable ties can be used without issue.



Our closed, non-detachable conductor markers are mounted without the need for additional tools. The cable is simply threaded through the openings at both ends before the cables are fixed in position. The inherent tension of the material fixes the marker in place. You can choose from four sizes, each with three labeling lengths and two colors, so you can adjust conductor identification to your specific work area.


The new SlimFix conductor marker can be printed and snapped on particularly quickly. At the same time, they fulfill the highest requirements for shock and vibration resistance, making them particularly well-suited for use in challenging environments. The conductor markers have an open design, ensuring they can be easily and quickly installed before or after the wiring process.


SFX markers are the preferred choice for labeling cables if you prefer a classic cable tie solution. Cables don't always run in a straight line, and flexible and highly pliable polyurethane SFX cable markers are designed for just this purpose. The marker follows each curve of the cable and latches on with ease. At the same time, clear fonts and colors guarantee good legibility.

TM-I for sleeves

TMI-I insert labels offer a convenient solution for cable labeling since they have a guide tab that makes it simple to insert labels into transparent sleeves. The ready-assembled sleeves can then be simply pushed over the wires. This is an advantage to you, since large quantities of markers can be efficiently pre-assembled in a single work step, saving a lot of time in cable marking.

Shrink sleeves

The shrink-fit sleeve can be printed on two sides and can be used for identification and insulation of cables and wires. Marking your cables with a bendable shrink-fit sleeve guarantees a firm and perfect fit around the conductor. This also results in significant space savings. One common application for such labels is the railway industry, since the shrink-fit sleeve stands up to the strictest fire safety requirements.

THM labels

The thermal transfer technology used in THM labels guarantees outstanding print quality, making quick identification possible. Thanks to the flexible polyester material of the THM GEW and the thick layer of adhesive, the labels can be used on angles or rounded areas. Because of this, they are ideal for hose and cable markings. Roll-packaged THM ET S7 markers can be used to label the Simatic 200S, S7-300 and S7-400 modules from Siemens.

Additional conductor and cable markers

WSM stainless steel markers

WSM is a complete embossing and marking system for cables, conductors, pipes and components. It offers permanent labeling in environments which no other conductor or cable marker is able to withstand. Resistance to chemicals and other environmental influences, as well as resilient embossed texts for better legibility, are just some of the features offered by cable marking with WSM. The product line consists of stainless steel marking plates, holders and cable ties that are available optionally either individually or in a complete set in a service box.


The CableLine range of wire and cable marker products provides users with solutions for the most diverse range of applications, from narrow wires to cables with large exterior diameters. The high-quality materials used ensure a high level of resistance to humidity, UV radiation or chemicals. Because of this, conductor markers from CableLine are the optimal choice if you are looking for reliable and durable cable labeling.

Overview of differences between our conductor and cable markers

We have summarized the differences between the conductor and cable marker models from our universal range in the following table. It allows you to gain an overview of these options quickly and easily, to decide which variant is best suited for your application.

PrinterPrintJet CONNECT
MCP Plus2
MCP Basic 2
THM MultiMark
THM MultiMark Plus
SoftwareM-Print® PROM-Print® PROM-Print® PRO
MaterialPolyamide 66, halogen-free
Micro etching steel 1.4301 or
Chromal coated aluminum
PC-ABS, TPU, halogen-free
Temperature range−40 – 100°C−55 – 130°C−50 – 90°C
Fire class acc. to UL 94V2 V2

Handling videos for handling conductor and cable markers


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This YouTube playlist includes handling videos to help you learn more about the function of our high-quality tools.

Learn how to handle the Weidmüller SF MultiCard, SFR MultiCard, and SFC MultiCard cable markers, SFX MultiCard cable marker, SFX MultiMark cable marker, TM-I MultiCard and TM-I MultiMark cable marker in combination with a Weidmüller sleeve and the ELS MultiCard marker in combination with the WKM cable marker.

Complete Workplace Solutions with cable markers from Weidmüller

We support panel builders around the world and understand the challenges they face. Because of this, we offer you well-designed, high-quality products and solutions for all phases of panel building as well as a wide range of conductor markers for many different applications. This is how we create added value for you and your customers. Take advantage of our expertise.

Cable markers as part of systemized marking



Intuitive to use and tailored to your needs. M-Print® PRO software makes it easy to import, edit, and manage data.



Constructive solutions for all control cabinet-related applications. From shrink-fit sleeves to metal markers.



Ink or thermal transfer - industrial printing systems for every requirement. Designed with a focus on the future.

Downloads for our cable markers and conductor markers

Our goal is to offer you comprehensive, tailored consulting on our products. This is why we provide our informative brochures to you for download to provide additional information on our cable markers. Discover the diversity of Weidmüller's product range.

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