Traditional Power

In future energy mixes, traditional power generation will remain an important source of energy. We provide the products and solutions to support efficient and safe power generation.

Traditional Power

Run your power plant efficiently, easily, and safely

Traditional power generation, from gas and coal fired to nuclear power plants, will remain an important part of the future energy mix. We help our customers ensure reliable and safe operation and high availability. With connectivity solutions for all relevant applications from marshalling, signal conditioning, iInstrumentation and control, to switchgear and HVAC systems. Providing the right products for industrial applications, as well as harsh environments, hazardous areas, and safety-related applications. Including market specific certifications and approvals.

As an experienced partner for Traditional Power, customers can be sure of:

Years of experience

Years of experience

With over 50 years of industry experience in power generation. Delivering products and solutions that fulfil your expectations of functionality and reliability.

Comprehensive portfolio

Comprehensive portfolio

From Industrial Connectivity to automation and digital solutions. Offering a wide range of products, from individual components to customised assembly solutions.

Certifications and approvals

Certifications and approvals

Covering regional and application-specific needs. For harsh environments, hazardous areas, and safety-related applications. Supported by our accredited laboratory.

The dramatic changes in the global energy markets will continue. With the move from traditional to renewable power. With the transition from central to decentralised power generation, transmission and distribution. Traditional power generation needs to secure its appropriate share of the energy mix.

Dr.-Ing. Rolf Sohrmann, VP Global Segment Management Traditional Power

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion

Gas and coal power plants

Gas and coal power plants are the backbone of our electrical energy generation, with the need to ensure a reliable feed-in to the power networks. Our components help you operate your power plant easily and safely. Enabling the reliable operation of the turbines, the generators, and the transformers. This includes the secure transmission of field level signals and the efficient connection to the control systems.

Gas and steam turbines

Modern gas and steam turbines are specifically designed for end customer target applications. From high-reliability turbines for simple cycle applications, to high-efficiency, cost-effective solutions in combined cycle.We provide to our customers a comprehensive portfolio of product and solutions. Suitable for both heavy duty and industrial gas turbines, as well as utility and industrial steam turbines.

Product highlights for Traditional Power

Klippon® steel enclosures

You expect reliable protection of your components
In our enclosures you can trust

Our Klippon® enclosure solutions offer you the highest protection for your application and system solution requirements. Our enclosures have long stood for competence and quality - in particular when used in customer specific solutions for standard industrial applications, or for applications situated within harsh environments or explosive atmospheres.

Safe, robust, and reliable. Designed to provide protection for your installed components against the most demanding of indoor and outdoor elements. Weidmüller meets your requirements with our extensive product range of enclosures. Suited for various industrial areas:

  • Energy and utility industries
  • Oil, gas, and petrochemical industries
  • Hazardous areas
  • Process industry
  • Machinery

More products for Traditional Power

RockStar® heavy duty connectors

  • Outside the control cabinet, the world of connectors is rougher. Hard types are in demand here that are just as immune to extreme industrial or climatic influences as they are to electromagnetic interference: genuine RockStar® connectors, who master the complete range of energy, signal and data transmission with absolute performance and power. Welcome to the RockStar® family of heavy-duty connectors.

Power supplies

Our modular power supply concept helps you to meet all your requirements. Redundant switched-mode power supply units, uninterruptible power supplies, capacity modules and our extensive range of expansion modules improve the reliability of our systems and prevent costly downtimes.From the especially economical PROeco power supply, through the powerful PROmax, to our high performance PROtop, we always deliver the right power supply.

High quality without compromise

You require quality, performance, and safety

In our accredited laboratory, we verify which components, materials and systems are the most suitable for your application. Whenever required, we can also provide our customers with expert advice in regard to the planning and implementation of nuclear qualification tests, according to the applicable standards such as IEEE, KTA, etc.

Our laboratory is certified according to the international standard DIN EN ISO IEC 17025, which confirms its expertise and independence to test products and produce test reports in a standard-compliant manner. Our laboratory is active as an international licensing office within the framework of its activities.

To find out more about our certified and accredited testing procedures and laboratory, download our brochure or get in touch with us.


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