Condition monitoring for rotor blade bearings with TwinCap®

Detect anomalies and deviations in your screw connections. Our condition monitoring systems provide early and reliable information about the condition of your blade bearings.

Condition monitoring for rotor blade bearings with TwinCap®

Blade bearings are one of the most heavily stressed parts of a wind turbine

During the lifetime of a wind turbine, the blade bearings are exposed to dynamic forces that can lead to damage such as cracks. Depending on the progress of the damage, cracks in the blade bearing can lead to rotor blade loss. The TwinCap® sensors from Weidmuller provide information on the condition of the blade bearing.

Elevate your blade performance

Expert condition monitoring for onshore and offshore

Optimise turbine availability and make service calls plannable with BLADEcontrol® rotor blade monitoring and TwinCap® screw monitoring for blade bearings.

You benefits with our blade bearing monitoring system

Reduction of inspection costs

Reduction of inspection costs

Inspection intervals can be extended by using our TÜV-certified blade bearing monitoring system with TwinCap® sensors. This reduces the cost of visual inspections on site and avoids profit losses.

Reliable damage detection

Reliable damage detection

As soon as a screw nut bursts, it expands. The TwinCap® sensor detects this change and interrupts the circuit. The evaluation unit has various interfaces for signal forwarding. The damage can then be checked and repaired to prevent further consequential damage.

Prevention of further damages

Prevention of further damages

The monitoring system can be integrated into the failure loop of the wind turbine to ensure a safe shutdown of the wind turbine in case of a damage event.

Flexible integration

Flexible integration

Up to 80 sensors can be integrated in series. They are fixed in place by magnets, so that they can be mounted and dismounted without tools. Connection to the evaluation unit is via conventional analog inputs.

Wide range of applications

Wide range of applications

The extremely robust, encapsulated sensors are insensitive to environmental influences such as vibrations, temperature fluctuations, humidity, or salty air and are therefore even suitable for offshore applications.

Our offering

Evaluation Unit

The evaluation unit collects the sensor data and processes it using an integrated controller. It forms the interface to the main controller. The data can optionally be provided via remote access in the SCADA.

Evaluation Unit
Your advantages
  • Customized housing for every type of wind turbine
  • Simple integration into the wind turbine, e.g. as retrofit
  • Turnkey solution consisting of sensors, signal evaluation and suitable interfaces

TwinCap® sensors Product innovation

Over the course of operating time, cracks, damage and fractures can occur in bolt nuts. The TwinCap® system reliably detects such signs of wear and can prevent costly damage down the road.

TwinCap® sensors
Your advantages
  • Protection class IP68 for outdoor use
  • Quick mounting and demounting via magnets
  • Low wiring effort due to series connection
  • Integrated LED for visual detection of damaged nuts

Our whitepaper about blade bearing monitoring with TwinCap® answers the following questions:

  • When and why should you use condition monitoring for blade bearings?
  • What are our TwinCap® sensors and what are their advantages?
  • When is blade bearing monitoring useful for you?

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Twin Cap Case Study

Called Twin Cap, this innovative system uses sensors over the nuts located on the outer ring of the blade bearing and connects them in a serial topology (daisy chain). If a blade bearing crack spreads from the bearing surface into the nut causing it to crack with a minimum expansion of 2mm, the system detects the broken nut, and can alert the pitch system to initiate a controlled and safe shut down.

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Application Engineering

We develop for you a suitable design from the mechanical engineering over the electrical schematics up to the finalized cabinet design.

Customized Assembly

We manufacture your system from the first sample over the prototype up to the serial product.

Service and Maintenance

We take care of service and maintenance after sales, provide spare parts and supervise the systems throughout the product life cycle.

Application Consulting

Our application engineers help you design system parts and complete integration into the overall system.

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Condition Monitoring Systems for wind power industry

Condition Monitoring Systems for wind power industry

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Condition monitoring plays an important role in every industry. Especially in the wind sector, the continuous monitoring and analyses of data is a crucial success factor. Specific installation concepts and the optimal use of systems within the wind plants require a reliable and future proof solutions. Get a short overview about Weidmüller's innovative condition monitoring systems for the wind industry. Explore our products and solutions in the wind industry.

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