High-Performance Device Connectivity for Motor Control & Drives

The requirements of your drive controls and regulators are the drive for our connection system.

High-Performance Device Connectivity for Motor Control & Drives

Rely on the quality and leading edge of the pioneer in connectivity

With each new generation, device designs are becoming smaller, more economical, and offer greater performance. Accordingly, the connection system for more compact sizes must transfer high currents to the printed circuit board reliably and with minimum losses and also ensure a mechanically stable connection. Thus, trust the original OMNIMATE® PCB connection technology - we offer the products and services for your device design.

Our Product Range

Quick and simple installation of energy recovery by DC-Link for drives Product innovation

OMNIMATE® Power BUS connection system

The innovative latch-in bus system consists of two different busbar connectors with spring contacts. They enable a fast, tool-free connection of individual modules in addition to the connection of the entire module network to the power supply. A significant advantage of the modular system is the possibility of connecting intermediate circuits to the front or top of the device. Thus, the system is ideally adaptable to any particular installation conditions.

Quick and simple installation of energy recovery by DC-Link for drives
Your benefits
  • Quick and easy installation of multi-axis servo drives without tools
  • 100 % finger-safe system construction due to insulation end cap
  • Safe latching of the busbar connectors
  • Tolerance compensation for a module offset of up to 2 mm
  • Simple device integration and uncomplicated device approval

Flexible distribution of energy across multiple devices Product innovation

BVDF 7.62HP - connectors with cross-connection for devices

OMNIMATE® Power BVDF bus connectors have two connections per pole and a time-saving 6 mm² PUSH IN connection. This innovative feature allows easy connection of multiple devices during installation. The connector is available in different versions: laterally closed, with flange, or screw/locking flange. Each of them are available in two to eight pole versions.

Flexible distribution of energy across multiple devices
Your benefits
  • Safe transmission of bus currents due to integrated cross-connection
  • Time-saving connection of solid conductors and conductors with wire end ferrules due to PUSH IN connection
  • One pole width less compared to conventional solutions due to self-locking centre flange

OMNIMATE® 4.0 - the next evolution step Product innovation

Discover the new, modular, hybrid system to build every kind of connector for ​data, signal and power - also ready for IIoT.

OMNIMATE® 4.0 - the next evolution step
Your benefits
  • Fast, safe and tool-free wiring thanks to unique SNAP IN connection
  • Ready for Robot through "wire ready" delivery with open clamping point
  • Optical and acoustic feedback indicates proper wiring
  • Hybrid version with future-proof Single Pair Ethernet technology
  • High performance materials for different soldering methods like THT / THR

PCB Terminals and Connectors

Selected PCB power connectors at a glance

Series Power Hybrid

The BV / SV 7.62HP Hybrid connector provides developers and users with the perfect three-in-one solution. The connector simultaneously unites power, signals and pluggable EMC shield support.

BUF 10.16

The BUF 10.16 facilitates and accelerates connections with inflexible cross sections. An operating lever (pusher) makes it easy to insert conductors with short cladding or rigid insulation.

Connectors for IT grounding systems

Power for IT networks establishes a new level of excellence with its standard integrated details. These attributes streamline the design-in and approval processes and result in safer operations.

Series Power HP

The pluggable connections for power electronics, optimized for modern drive technologies, e.g. motor starters, frequency converters and servo-controllers.

Selected PCB terminals at a glance

LLF 7.50

The PUSH IN connection technology of the LLF allows tool-free wiring for wire cross-sections up to 6 mm² and to meet requirements in accordance with UL 1059 for 600 V in pitch 7.5 mm.

LUF 15.00

The LUF features PUSH IN connection technology. It allows a tool-free wiring for wire cross-sections up to 16 mm² and to meet requirements in accordance with UL 1059 for 1000 V in the 15.00 mm pitch with offset pin layout.

LL 6.35

The LL 6.35 power terminal meets all the certification criteria unrestricted to UL 1059 600 V. Not only is it especially safe, but it has an extremely compact 6.35 mm pitch design.

LXXX 15.00

With an unmatched clamping range, the LXXX 15.0 offers a safe and strong wire connection for cross-sections up to 50 mm² and 150 A to the circuit board.

Selected PCB signal connectors at a glance

Series BLF 2.50 / SL 2.50

The BLF 2.5 OMNIMATE® Signal connector and the associated SL 2.5 male connectors are as compact as possible while offering excellent functionality and simple handling.

Series B2CF / S2C 3.50

The double-row OMNIMATE® B2CF Signal connector, in 3.5 mm pitch, has the perfect fit between device miniaturization and increased device functionality.

Series BL-I/O / SL 3.50

For efficient remote functional units in the field level the female plug BL-I/O 3.50 is a space saving solution to connect I/O components.

Series BLZP / SL 5.0x

Additional customer benefits with the female plug BLZP 5.0x HC, such as a continuous function and safety chain, increased efficiency and process reliability and much more user friendly operation.