Workplace Solutions

Optimize your panel building workshop processes with perfectly coordinated solutions for every phase of your production chain.

Workplace Solutions

Ideally equipped for every work phase

With Weidmuller, you have the perfect partner at your side to support you in all phases of electrical installation within panel building, from planning to installation to operation, with optimally coordinated solutions for your workshop. Based on years of experience in panel building, we will enable you in speeding up your work processes and increasing your quality through effective utilization of our comprehensive portfolio.

Weidmuller USA — New RailAssembler and RailLaser for Automated Cabinet Building

Team Standing with Rail Laser and Rail Assembler Automatic Machines
First automated terminal rail assembly and marking system in Richmond, VA - U.S.

We offer our customers a complete solution to automate your panel building in terms of DIN rail assembly and marking. RailAssembler and RailLaser work together to streamline your production process.

  • Universal magazines with a large capacity
  • When paired with the Weidmuller Configurator, continuous use of planning data from eCAD programs is possible
  • Repeatable and accurate rail assemblies
  • Time savings for operators of up to 90%
  • A suitable portfolio of pre-loaded Weidmuller standard markers is available

We add value to your cabinet building process for high volume productions

From Planning...

Design your build in the Weidmuller Configurator

to Assembly...

Terminal rail is assembled on the RailAssembler

to Marking...

Terminal rail is marked in the RailLaser

to Production.

Final look at the finished terminal rail

We’re proud to offer our customers in North America the next level of automated equipment to robotically construct and mark terminal rail assemblies. It’s a game-changer for panel builders, in every industry sector, with high volume terminal rail assembly requirements. In fact, Weidmuller is the first manufacturer to offer such an innovative automated system in the U.S. for he sole purpose of producing custom built terminal rail assembles with corresponding marking.

Carl Hicks, Director – Cabinet Products Division, Weidmuller USA

Scalable solutions for your entire cabinet building process

Identifying and tapping the potential of Industry 4.0

The study “Panel building 4.0” by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units of the University of Stuttgart shows that the most time-consuming phases in classic panel building are planning and installation.
More precisely: The steps of project planning and circuit diagram construction account for more than 50% of the time spent on the entire planning process. During installation the complex combination of manual processes usually required for mechanical assembly and wiring account for over 70% of the time spent on the assembly process!

Optimization potential from Weidmuller

80% faster and safer processes

80% faster and safer processes

We are continually developing new products that streamline time-consuming work processes such as mechanical assembly and wiring to increase productivity.

100% premium quality

100% premium quality

Certifications and approvals according to all relevant standards speak for themselves - German-made premium products that you can rely on.

100% planning reliability

100% planning reliability

With Weidmuller, you can rely on a partner with many years of experience in cable preparation, processing, and systemized marking.

Interactive infographic

Our workplace solutions

Digital data continuity from Weidmuller

Simplified engineering and comprehensive documentation

Planning reliability through data consistency

  • Weidmuller’s software solutions eliminate manual work steps thereby reducing the risk of errors
  • CAE interfaces make data available quickly and easily in the most common engineering environments
  • Significant time and cost savings, especially in the demanding project business

Your direct connection to an optimum marking process


The communication-capable high-performance printer

  • Service and maintenance friendly
  • Print speed of more than 2 MultiCards per minute
  • Automatic calibration of the MultiCard
  • Automatic stacking function enables First in - First out

Valuable time savings through standardization

Weidmuller Tool Chest

Weidmuller panel building tool chest increases efficiency by up to 10%

  • Valuable time savings through standardization of workplaces
  • Highest quality due to intelligent combined equipment
  • Quick identification of missing tools at the end of the day
  • Labeling with MultiCard markers and QR codes offer additional support

Semi-automation in cable assembly

Wire Processing Center

Weidmuller Wire Processing Center (WPC) increases efficiency by up to 80%

  • The WPC combines proven components into a modular assembly system
  • Multiple input options for CAE data
  • Optimal integration into manufacturing processes
  • Reliable replenishment with wire end ferrules and markers
  • Optimal process reliability

Reliable and Efficient Rail Assembly and Marking

Simple and reliable assembly

Klippon® Automated RailAssembler

Effective time savings and more efficient work processes through automated rail assembly

  • Up to 60% time savings in the assembly of terminal strips in regular production
  • Additional time savings of up to 7 hours due to unmanned operation
  • Integrate eCAD data from the Weidmuller Configurator
  • Easy handling due to universal magazines

Fast and efficient marking of assembled mounting rails

Klippon® Automated RailLaser

Klippon® Automated RailLaser for efficient control cabinet construction

  • Up to 90% time saving in the marking process
  • Integrate the consistent use of data from eCAD programs when using the Weidmuller Configurator (WMC)
  • Excellent marking quality
  • High-quality print image on a wide variety of materials
Our complete workplace solutions offer the right product and software solutions along the entire cabinet building process – from planning and installation to operation. The product and software solutions are scalable and tailored to every customers individual needs – from manual and semi-automatic to fully automatic cabinet building.

Carl Hicks, Director – Cabinet Products Division, Weidmuller USA

Greater productivity in the workshop

Discover our integrated solutions

Standardization, automation, and integrated solutions offer considerable optimization potential, especially where inconsistent engineering processes and time-consuming manual processes take place. At Weidmuller we have worked intensively on these topics, to provide you with better alternatives.

The result: a portfolio of complete workplace solutions, with which each work step perfectly combines with the next, enabling processes to be up to 80% faster whilst delivering 100% planning reliability.

Digital experience

Digital experience

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Future cabinet building

Tobias Sondermann (Head of Product Management Workplace Solutions) shows you how we can support you in all phases of electrical installation within panel building, from planning to installation to operation, with optimally coordinated solutions for your workshop.

Discover Smart Cabinet Building

SMART CABINET BUILDING is an initiative of the companies Weidmuller, Komax, Zuken and Armbruster Engineering. The offer combines the competencies of the four project partners to support customers from a wide range of industries in optimizing their processes. It includes the provision of manual, assisted and fully automated solutions as well as comprehensive services for control cabinet building.


Workplace solutions in practice

The perfect addition

Benefit from Weidmüller services and market experience

Simple planning through software support

Simple planning through software support

Use the Weidmüller Configurator to quickly and easily configure and request our components. The tool supports continuous engineering workflows from planning with E-CAD systems to documentation.

Time-saving data provision

Time-saving data provision

CAD 3D models in various formats and CAE data are available for download in our product catalog .

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

Electronic catalog in BMECat format and other formats. Fast access to article data thanks to proven standards.

Industry experience

Industry experience

We speak the language of our customers. With expertise and passion for the various industries.

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