OMNIMATE® 4.0 - The efficient PCB connector for digitalized device development

OMNIMATE® 4.0 - The efficient PCB connector for digitalized device development

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Configure your individual PCB connector or PCB terminal with the PCB configurator for OMNIMATE® 4.0 and order in just a few clicks. With our new modular concept, we offer delivery within 72 hours.

SNAP IN, the fastest connection technology on the market, also speeds up your assembly process. OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB connectors and PCB terminals are delivered wire-ready and can be wired immediately without tools. Discover the fastest and easiest connection solution from the pioneer for pioneers now.

OMNIMATE® 4.0 product range


PCB plug-in terminals

  • Compact PCB terminal blocks for fast signal connections
  • Innovative SNAP IN connection technology for rapid wiring
  • Ideal for fully automated wiring processes (ready-to-robot)
  • Fast delivery within a few days

Power connectors

  • Compact PCB connectors for power electronics up to 1,000 V
  • Fast and tool-free wiring thanks to innovative SNAP IN connection technology
  • Flexible configuration in the web configurator
  • Delivery within a few days

Signal connectors

  • Versatile connectors for a wide range of applications
  • Unique SNAP IN connection for fast, safe and tool-free wiring
  • Custom configuration in the web configurator for maximum flexibility
  • Delivery within a few days

Hybrid connectors

  • Flexible combination options for power, signal and data transmission
  • Future-proof Single Pair Ethernet technology
  • Fast configuration of hybrid interfaces
  • Tool-free wiring with innovative SNAP IN connection

Create your own configuration

With our PCB configuration tool, you can quickly and easily adapt PCB connectors and PCB terminal blocks of the OMNIMATE® 4.0 product series to your needs - without long download or installation times. All necessary engineering data or even free product samples are available with just a few clicks. Start today with your individual product configuration and receive your available product in three days.

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We provide you with comprehensive, downloadable information about our range of PCB terminals and PCB connectors. Simply download our quick reference guide or product catalog to identify the PCB connectors and terminals you need.

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