Powerful connections with maximum security

Powerful connections with maximum security

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OMNIMATE® Power device connection technology for power electronics

As specialists in power electronics with a great deal of practical experience, we know the maximum power and security requirements that you place on your electronic devices. That is why our powerful high current connectors, high current terminals and high current feed-through terminals for PCB also comply with relevant device standards, such as IEC 61800 for speed-controlled drive technology. PCB terminals with PUSH IN wire connection and application-specific connectors for motor connection with shield support complete the range.

OMNIMATE® Power PCB connectors

The pluggable connections for power electronics - optimized for modern drive technologies, e.g. motor starters, frequency converters and servo-controllers.

  • Application-oriented scalability: from the compact 2.5 mm² connector up to the sturdy 16 mm²
  • Unlimited usage up to 1000 V (IEC) or 600 V (UL)
  • The most compact PUSH IN connection solution for field wiring up to 600 V UL

Power BUS connection system Product innovation

Quick and simple installation of energy recovery by DC-Link for drives

The innovative latch-in bus system for power electronics consists of two different busbar connectors with spring contacts. They enable a fast, tool-free connection of individual modules in addition to connecting the entire module network to the power supply. A significant advantage of the modular system is the option to connect intermediate circuits to the front or top of the device. That means the system is ideally adaptable to any specific installation conditions.

Power BUS connection system
Your advantages
  • Quick and easy installation of multi-axis servo drives without tools
  • 100% finger-safe system construction due to insulation end cap
  • Safe latching of the busbar connectors
  • Tolerance compensation for a module offset of up to 2 mm
  • Simple device integration and uncomplicated device approval

BVDF 7.62HP power connector with cross-connection for devices Product innovation

Flexible distribution of energy across multiple devices

OMNIMATE® Power BVDF bus connectors have two connections per pole and a time-saving 6 mm² PUSH IN connection. This innovative feature of the power connector allows easy connection of multiple devices during installation. The high current connector for PCBs is available in different versions: laterally closed, with flange, or screw/locking flange. All variants of the high current connector are available in two to eight pole versions.

BVDF 7.62HP power connector with cross-connection for devices
Your advantages
  • Safe transmission of bus currents due to integrated cross-connection
  • Time-saving connection of solid conductors and conductors with wire end ferrules due to PUSH IN connection
  • One pole width less compared to conventional solutions due to self-locking center flange

OMNIMATE® Power PCB terminals

The sturdy, direct connection for extreme current and voltage requirements in all power electronics applications.

  • High-power to 150 A / 1000 V (IEC) or 127 A / 600 V (UL)
  • Application-oriented scalability with connection cross-sections from 16 mm² to 50 mm²
  • Maintenance-free steel clamping yoke for vibration-resistant screw connections

Device Connectivity for Motor Control & Drives

The requirements of your drive controls and regulators are the drive for our connection system.

OMNIMATE® Power feed-through terminals

Device Connectivity for Motor Control & Drives

Feedthrough terminals are the universal solution for routing currents through enclosure walls. Excellent for applications such as EMC filters, discrete-built inverters for drive systems and encapsulated devices.

  • Clamping yoke screw and PUSH IN wire connection
  • Wall and housing feedthrough
  • Simple, flexible and cost-saving assembly and connection of conductors
  • Comfortable and cost-saving installation

PUSH IN wire connection for in the LUF Power Terminal

In March of 2019, Dolby Cinema Technology Engineer, Jerry Sommerfeld, reached out to specialists at Weidmüller to request information about power terminal blocks. Weidmüller specialists were happy to share their knowledge and support Dolby’s team, who were in the process of evaluating power connectors for new loudspeaker product development.

These new loudspeakers, Systems 133 and 136 are Dolby’s latest, high-performance loudspeaker innovations targeting premium large-format cinemas. “These systems are high performance, passive loudspeakers, that require reliable, easy to use interconnects to high-output audio power amplifiers,” explains Sommerfeld. In this case, the Weidmüller team recommended the LUF terminal block, which are rugged, high current interconnects engineered to last years in the field without service.

Safe and easy product handling

Safe and easy product handling

This is a YouTube video. By clicking on this video, you agree to Google/YouTube's Privacy Policy & Terms of Use . You also agree to our Privacy Policy.

A QR code on the product and the packaging leads directly to the corresponding handling video at YouTube. In this Tutorials, individual installation steps can be traced directly during processing.
Weidmüller provides you with handling videos for various OMNIMATE® products in the YouTube Channel.

OMNIMATE® Services

With our OMNIMATE® services, we can help you and your business achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency. You can reduce your product costs and benefit from our support across all phases of your project. Save valuable time with an application or product-oriented search using our ConnectorGuide and make a quick selection with our web configuration tool.

Feel free to contact our experts for more information on our PCB connectors or if anything is unclear. Simply use the services of our support center. We’ll help you identify the ideal solution for your needs. Are you unsure about how to properly mount our PCB connectors and PCB terminals? If so, as well as contacting our customer support team, you can also watch one of our handling videos . You can find these in our online product catalog or by scanning the QR code on the product itself.

Service offers

ConnectorGuide: Find the right product for your needs

Through the ConnectorGuide we provide you with an application and product-oriented search that will quickly guide you to the product you need. Finding the right PCB plug-in connectors has never been easier.

Resource collection

In our white papers you will find answers to topics that occupy the equipment manufacturers' industry. Find out how to measure clearances and creepage distances accurately, learn about the different conductor connection techniques or watch our handling videos.

Free-of-charge 72-hour sample service

With our free 72-hour OMNIMATE® sample service, you have the opportunity to order your design-in samples quickly and easily from our product catalog. Within just 72 hours, we’ll deliver your sample PCB connectors and PCB terminals to your preferred location.

Digital data

We offer extensive component libraries of OMNIMATE® PCB connectors and terminals for EDA systems. We can also support you in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of your design using CAD and 3D data. Weidmüller provides you with full product data in BMEcat format including engineering data

OMNIMATE® Power components in power electronics

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Downloads on the topic of power electronics

We provide you with information on our OMNIMATE® Power components for power electronics for download. Download our quick reference guide or our product catalog to find exactly the feed-through terminals, high current PCB connectors, and high current PCB terminals you need.

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