Phase distribution blocks (PDB) and sub-distribution blocks for potential distribution

Clamping blocks and power distribution blocks (PDB) for the DIN rail are suitable for collecting and distributing potentials within sub-distribution boxes and switchgear. The slim design of the power clamping blocks enables a clear and high wiring density. The power blocks are finger-safe on all sides in accordance with EN 50274 and the short-circuit resistance in accordance with the high SCCR standard (200 kA) also ensures a high level of safety.

Thanks to the special coating of the brass body, copper wire conductors, aluminum wires and flat conductors can be connected in the phase distribution block. Approvals according to VDE, UL, CSA and IEC enable use in further industrial applications and international markets.

Connection of copper and aluminum wires

Connect aluminum wire, aluminum cable, copper cable and ribbon cable in potential distribution blocks (PDB) Feed-in terminals for 50 mm² cable cross-section

The brass core of the distribution block with its special coating, in combination with the hexagonal screws, allows for connection of copper and aluminum wires. Both round and sector-shaped conductor designs can be connected in the power distribution block (PDB) on the DIN rail. The connection of flat conductors can also be realized in some potential distribution blocks.

Potential distribution blocks with each other bridges

Connect or bridge the terminal block (PDB) and distribution block for the DIN rail with each other

The WPD potential distribution blocks (PDB) with screw connection can be cross-connected flexibly and easily via a flat copper bridge. This means connection points on the outgoing side can be doubled or even tripled. For this purpose, the power terminal blocks can be latched together so that additional increased mechanical stability is achieved on the DIN rail.

Compact distribution block

Potential distribution block - PDB and phase distribution block save space on the DIN rail

The unique staircase design allows for a small size of the WPD potential distribution blocks (PDB). Compared to conventional setups, space savings are realized without loss of clarity within the cabinet.

For example, one wire with a rated cross-section of 95 mm² plus four wires with a rated cross-section of 95 mm² can be connected in a width of only 3.6 cm, with a minimum overall height of seven centimeters.

Color variations for every potential

Colored terminal blocks are available for clear wiring and installation of the switchgear cabinet. The color blue as N terminal block and green for a PE (ground) terminal block. Depending on the power distribution block and the application, the phase wiring can be selected between red, black, brown, and gray.

SCCR and UL-Listed

PDB - Terminal blocks and phase distribution blocks with special approvals (SCCR and UL-listed)

The WPD 111 and WPD 113 power distribution blocks meet the increased requirements of UL 1953 and are therefore now also UL-listed. To meet these requirements, the distribution blocks have the required clearances and creepage distances and have been listed with an SCCR rating of 200 kA.

All other power distribution terminal blocks from the WPD series from WPD 104 to WPD 113 also have a short-circuit resistance (200 kA) according to the high SCCR standard.

Product overview of our WPD potential distribution blocks (PDB)

WPD 106 up to WPD 113

Potential distributor terminal block PDB 106 - 113 for large cable cross-sections
  • Cross-section range from 1.5 mm² to 185 mm²
  • SCCR and UL-Listed
  • 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole versions
  • Installation on DIN rail and mounting plate
  • Available in four colors (transparent, blue, red, black)
  • Connection of copper and aluminum wires

WPD 100 and WPD 110

Potential distributor terminal block PDB 100 and 110 for large cable cross-sections
  • Stackable / can be combined with each other
  • Connection of copper and aluminum wires
  • Available in five colors (blue, green (PE, ground), brown, black and gray)
  • Cross-section range from 1.5 mm² to 70 mm²

Product features power distribution blocks and sub-distribution block

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