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In food and beverage production, and in the packaging industry, there are strict requirements in terms of hygiene standards, degrees of protection, and corrosion resistance … The modern plant designs stand out due to their high levels of modularity and flexibility. Today, we manage consumer good segments such as food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and healthcare. With deep expertise and experience, we take care of the whole process, from raw materials through processing and packaging line, up to the final goods. Driven by market share and sustainability, due to the increased awareness of capability to produce quality goods with the highest efficiency. We are facing a new industrial challenge focusing on digitalization, production flexibility, and smart devices able to communicate sensitive data with positive impact in production effectiveness.

As a reliable partner for Consumer Goods & Packaging industry, our customers can be sure of:

Global footprint

Global footprint

Thanks to our worldwide presence, we can globally grant support both in terms of services and delivery

Technical competence

Technical competence

Weidmuller team has extensive experience in the segment and can provide added value in automation applications

Quality and performance

Quality and performance

Innovations, performance and quality are the key factors of our added value proposition

Research and development

Research and development

As a future-oriented company, we permanently deal with new solutions for market requirements

Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

We have a long track record of establishing effective and productive relations with end users and manufacturers.

With rising global demand in the consumer good markets worldwide, our industry faces three major challenges: reduce costs, optimize the performance of the processing and packaging line, and improve its degree of automation through industrial intelligence

Andrea Borroni, Global Segment Manager Consumer Goods & Packaging

Food and Beverage Process

Facing market challenges with innovation and passion

Processing line

In today's world of global markets and fierce competition for every product, companies cannot avoid looking for new methods to increase their productivity. However, it is important to maintain safety, use sustainable materials and use flexible, standardized technologies. With this perspective, Weidmuller provides state-of-the-art technology in the fields of automation, connectivity, and digitalization!

Packaging line

In consumer goods packaging, success is strongly driven by the capability of reaching customer satisfaction, and is mainly led by intangible, fleeting sensations and passions. Integrating flexible lines and synchronizing robots, as well as different types of packaging machines, up to palletizers and AGVs, are necessary to follow consumer trends.

The success of our customers drives us

Together with our customers, we work on innovative and future-proof solutions. In order to achieve the greatest possible success in our projects, we contribute:

  • Digitalization and communication
  • Optimization of automation architecture
  • Highest level of flexibility and maximum line availability
  • Cost-effective products and safe production
  • Energy quality and traceability

Products and highlights for Consumer Goods & Packaging

PROTop: high-end power supply for the highest demands of Industry 4.0

Superior, future-proof and sustainable: The PROtop-series switchgear enables high plant availability through MTBF values of more than one million hours. The new DCL technology reliably provides the triggering of line protection switches and additional power reserves for safe powerful engine launches.

PROTop: high-end power supply for the highest demands of Industry 4.0
Our benefits
  • Safe triggering of line protection switches and high energy reserves for powerful motor launches thanks to DCL
  • High energy efficiency (up to 99.4 %)
  • Types of operation: Single/parallel operation and adjustable short-circuit behavior
  • Long life cycle of up to 20 years

Decentralized automation with Field Power®

Decentralized automation with Field Power®

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From the automotive industry to wind farms, system planners and operators are increasingly relying on modular concepts. In order to implement these concepts, they need decentralized, adaptable solutions that cover a wide range of functions. Ideally, it should be possible to expand existing systems in the same way, without costly, time-consuming redevelopment.

The solution is to make well-established control cabinet functions such as feed-in, switching, protection and monitoring fit for use in the field. With the Field Power® system, you can implement decentralized system and automation concepts that are future-proof and economical. The versatile module facilitates the transformation of IP20 into IP65.

Detectable Marking Systems for food production Product innovation

Weidmuller offer you detectable marking solutions for the MutiCard and the MultiMark family.

Thanks to a metallic filling material, our detectable markers are identifiable by metal and X-ray detectors. Identification minimizes the risk of contamination during the food production process.
Markers maximize safety thanks to properties such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance against UV radiation and heat. We regularly check and confirm these properties in our accredited laboratory.

Detectable Marking Systems for food production
Your special benefits
  • Detectable by metal and X-ray detectors
  • Visually recognizable by blue color
  • Corrosion resistant metallic filler
  • Clear and resistant print image
  • Available in different versions for a wide variety of marking requirements

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