Smart Intralogistics Connectivity Solutions

Smart Intralogistics Connectivity Solutions

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Distributing goods efficiently with connecting technology, automation and Industrial IoT. No matter if energy distribution or data management, data acquisition, data pre-processing, data communication or working with the cloud - we have the ideal solution for everything and show you the easiest way to access the Industrial IoT. This means that systems can be efficiently prefabricated and put into operation more quickly, which increases cost-effectiveness and saves resources.

Modular systems in hardware or software with open interfaces: Interfaces facilitate use in a wide range of applications and increase flexibility. Due to the high degree of protection of our decentralized Plug & Play control cabinet solutions, they can also be used in harsh environmental conditions.

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Extensive hardware portfolio

Modular, decentralized construction kit

Plug & Play solutions

Open flexible software: NodeRed, u-OS, Codesys

Customized engineering support

Highlights for our focus applications

Technology hotspot for intralogistics

DC Microgrids

Using energy loss efficiently and providing energy in the field

DC Microgrids represent a new technology for efficiently and safely utilizing the heat previously generated in the form of lost energy for other devices. Due to the DC voltage of 650 V, the cables can have a smaller cross-section. Braking or sink energy can be made available directly to other devices via the DC Microgrid technology. Peak loads can be efficiently avoided, which reduces the dimensioning of the feed-in. We are working intensively on new technologies that help to reduce energy consumption, particularly for implementation in industrial applications. In this context, DC technology is recognized as having great potential for the future.


Your operating system for Industrial IoT and Automation

u-OS is the new, open operating system from Weidmuller. It combines automation with the possibilities of the Industrial IoT in just one device and is suitable for edge computing solutions. u-OS enables efficient data pre-processing and precise control directly to the machine. It is expandable and offers web-based system composition. This provides access to the entire software landscape of Weidmuller and the connected partner network. u-OS connects Industrial IoT and automation, partners with users, clouds with data, ecosystems and opens up the easiest path to the Industrial IoT.

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